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Margin Call - Boardroom Scene Awkward Recut

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Press mute it and pretend it's the extended version of the YouTube video.

What's been said about the Awkward Recut?

Time Magazine
Watch This Wordy Margin Call Scene Reduced to Lots of Uncomfortable Silences
...absurd and funny. It's worth watching, even if you haven't seen the movie. Play it loud!
New York Magazine
See an Unbearably Long, Awkward 'Remixed' Scene From Margin Call
Ah, the old ‘Boardroom Scene,’ this time with more awkward silence.
Did You See This? Margin Call's Boardroom Scene Gets a Hilarious Recut
'Margin Call': The Super-Awkward Cut
The new YouTube video by Worm In Your Apple takes the talky confrontation and turns it into the most tense prolonged silence in movie history ... a hodgepdoge of glances, throat clearings, and semi-audible cell phone rings. It only gets funnier as it goes on
The Most Awkward Board Room Ever
Thompson on Hollywood
Kevin Spacey Talks 'Margin Call' ... Silent Boardroom Clip
...very clever. Take a handful of great actors, remove all their dialogue during an intensely awkward scene about a pivotal American boardroom moment and hilarity ensues.
Some Guy on the Internet
“I want 5 minutes of my life back. What is wrong with you people?”

Sniper Scope on the Prairie

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